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Multi-Unit Apartment Developments

Increase the number of units on your property

An apartment development is an effective way to increase the number of units that can be built on your site, especially when you engage our experienced team to work with you. This will ensure your development project is more economical, more efficient and ultimately, more lucrative.

Why build a Multi-unit apartment development?

The Multi-Living Development team members are required to have:

  • A greater understanding of each Local Authority’s requirements so the building outcomes give the developer optimum value in design while remaining compliant with the building codes and standards.
  • Our designer’s will derisk the project by hand drawing a concept proposal to ensure the greatest value in the development is achievable prior to committing to the project.
  • Our estimating team have sufficient experience to pre-empt the acoustic, fire and structural engineering requirements and allow for all invisible costs during the feasibility stage.

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