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Triplex plans

With affordability, lucrative rental yields and profit margin potential, it’s no wonder that Triplex Designs have become the most common unit development configuration for property developers in Western Australia.

Built around a shared common driveway, Triplex developments enable you to build three single or double storey investment properties on the one block, to maximise your investment return.

Our experienced team will partner you on your development by:


Maximizing your space and working within the strict design constraints, which are an integral requirement of every triplex development. Our design team work only with triplex plans and multi-unit development project, so you can be rest assured that they are experts who know how to get the job done.


Our teams will work to comply with local planning and development laws, undertake important preparations and plans to ensure that your block is suitable for triplex house plans.

Why Build a Triplex Property Development?

There are many advantages triplex plans will provide for your investment portfolio. For example;

  • The potential to rent all three properties and receive triple the revenue from your one block.
  • Having more than one property on the same block generally will increase the equity in your estate.
  • You can sell two of the properties as individual residences, receiving double the sales potential from your block, while still retaining the third as an ongoing rental property.

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Triplex Designs

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Triplex House Plans

Case Study – Nollamara

Before planning started on this clients triplex plans, Ventura iD supplied planning drawings to assist in obtaining approvals to amalgamate two blocks of land. Once approvals were granted, and the new boundaries established, Ventura iD were able to obtain planning and building approvals to get the job underway.

The outcome of this triplex development was a great success for the owner who wanted to create single storey villas to expand their rental portfolio. The triplex house plans were designed in accordance with the owners brief and budget.

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