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Quadruplex house plans

A quadruplex development can be a very lucrative investment for those with large blocks, in Perth’s sought after inner suburbs.

Transforming your block into four residences, a quadruplex house development will usually involve a shared driveway with one or two street facing dwellings. Building four units provides increased return on investment on a single block development.

Our experts will partner with you on your quadruplex development by:


Providing our expert understanding of design configuration possibilities and local laws is integral to ensuring your block has the potential for to plan quadruplex developments.


Our design team work only with quadruplex and multi-unit development projects, so you can be rest assured that they are experts who know how to get the job done.


Our teams will work to comply with local planning and development laws, undertake important preparations and plans to ensure that your block is suitable for a quadruplex house plans.

Why a Quadruplex Property Development?

There are many advantages a quadruplex will provide for your investment portfolio. For example;

  • The potential to rent all four properties and receive four times the revenue from your one block
  • Increase your return on investment, capital growth and equity of your estate by building the maximum number of units for your site
  • Less people are involved in quadruplex developments so you have less competition when it comes to selling.
  • By building your units in sought after inner city locations your investment has quick end sale potential of four individual residence, maximising your return on investment

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quadruplex house

Case Study – Nollamara

After looking at various property opportunities, the clients of this development settled on a corner lot and approached Ventura iD.

When they first spoke to Ventura iD about their site, they thought they would only build three units. After initial assessment and surveying of the block, the design team determined that four units could be developed on the site by applying to the shire for a variation of the R codes. The additional property increased the profitability of the clients project.
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