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House Behind House Development

Building a house behind house strata property development is one of the most popular and affordable property projects undertaken in Western Australia.

More people are realising their backyard is an investment opportunity and are choosing to capitalise on the land they own by building another house on the spare space using strata homes.

Many others are choosing to use their large blocks to build their dream home on the back of the land they already own, and to rent out the existing property as rental income.

Our experts will add to your House behind House development by:


Designing a strata property that suits your needs, budget and the shape of the block. Our designs are created for you and we do not make you choose from standard models.


Our design team only works with house behind house and multiple unit developments projects, so you’re working with experts who know how to get the job done.

Our teams will work to comply with local planning and development laws, undertake important preparations and strata building plans to create the perfect house behind house plan.

Why Build a House Behind House Property Development?

There are many strategic advantages a house behind house will provide for your investment portfolio;

  • Renting your completed house behind house will generate additional income
  • Having more than one property on the same block generally will increase the equity in your estate.
  • You may choose to sell the original property and move into the new house. This gives you double benefits. You can use the proceeds from the sale to reduce your mortgage and you get to live in a brand new house without moving away from your suburb.

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Strata property

Case Study: Bayswater Strata Property

After reviewing their property and current residence, Ventura iD determined a new house could be positioned at the back of the client’s block with minimum changes to the existing home.

On surveying the site and checking the engineer’s report, Ventura iD determined the plan did comply with local shire requirements and the construction of the house behind house commenced.

Ventura iD build an exact replica of a display home, so the owners could live in the house of their choice and on the street of their choice, without having their day-to-day lifestyle disrupted during construction.
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