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Duplex Designs

With renter demand shifting towards smaller living spaces in better locations, the duplex is still one of the most popular property investment solutions.

Duplex developments allow you to cash in on your block and build two low maintenance dwellings. It’s an affordable alternative that can reap exceptional returns on your property investment.

Find out what one and two storey duplex house designs are available for your block with our expert team.

Our experts will partner with you for your duplex development by:


Designing homes that suits your needs and the shape of the block. Our design team only works with duplex designs and multi-unit development projects, so you’re working with experts who know how to maximise the use of your land.


Our teams will work to comply with local planning and development laws, undertake important preparations and plans to create the perfect duplex plans.

Why Duplex Property Development?

There are many advantages a duplex will provide for your investment portfolio. For example;

  • The potential to rent both properties to receive double the income revenue from your one block.
  • Having more than one property on the same block generally will increase the equity in your estate.
  • You can pay off your mortgage faster by living in one home and collecting rent from the tenants living in the other.

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Duplex house design

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Duplex house plans

Case Study – Wembley Downs

Our clients demolished the existing home on their property in order to build two new homes on their block. In order to gain approval for the duplex plans the property required an upgrade to the sewer, water and power to meet the WAPC requirements.

Ventura iD worked with the owners of the two new homes separately to determine their individual duplex plans and elevations to suit.

The front home was designed and built for a professional couple with no children, while the back home was designed for a family.
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