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With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ventura iD will work with you to find the smartest way to develop your land. Working as your development partner, we can provide concept drawings and quotes to assist you in maximising the potential of your chosen real estate development.

Ventura iD’s specialist team of property development experts will help you find the best unit development solution to suit your block, budget and investment strategy, guiding you through the development process.

From rear strata to larger sites, Ventura iD provides specialised unit development solutions to Perth and the South West of Western Australia.

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House Behind House/ Rear Strata

Many people are realising that their back yard is an investment opportunity and are choosing to capitalise on the land they already own by building another house on the spare land.
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Duplex Property Development

With renter demand and lifestyle preferences shifting towards smaller living spaces in better locations, the duplex is still one of the most popular soloutions for housing developments.

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Triplex Property Development.

With lucrative rental yields and capital gain potential, Triplex Developments have become the most common unit development configuration for developers.

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Quadruplex Property Development.

A quadruplex development can be a very lucrative investment for those with large blocks right across Perth and the South-West of WA, especially in Perth’s sought after inner suburbs.

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Larger Site Developments

Whether you’re looking to develop 5 or 50 units on your block, our experienced consultants can design and stage your project to help you achieve the maximum return on your investment.

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