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Your comprehensive guide to property development and unit construction in Western Australia

We’ve put together a comprehensive database of property development advice frequently asked questions to help you navigate the property development process.

Below, we’ll help you understand all the possible steps and recommendations needed to undertake your property development project in Perth and elsewhere in Western Australia. If you have any more questions or comments, please contact us directly via the contact form below or on Ventura iD’s Facebook Page.

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Stormwater Disposal

To retain stormwater on site an Engineer will design a proposed stormwater system which must be submitted and approved by the local shire. Soil conditions and the amount of paving will affect the design of the stormwater system and therefore the volume and size of the soak wells, and therefore the price.

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Soil injection and sheet piling

Undermining the neighbour’s footings to outbuildings may be a result of building on or close to the boundary of your site. The soil injection or sheet piling is a process designed to reduce or eliminate the ability of soil to shrink or swell as water content... read more

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